• MediPrakt™ Complete Suture Practice Kit is MediPrakt's is our most Advanced and researched Suture Training Kit. Learning to repair wounds and surgery incisions requires patience, dexterity, and lots of practice. While suturing a wound on a bleeding patient, you want to feel confident and prepared. Trust yourself to give your patients the best possible care they need and deserve. For doctors and medical students who want to practice with the best tools available, Our suture pad is now produced entirely in-house in India with a new, innovative formula that allows us to keep prices low while delivering the highest quality suture pads. This Kit is Ideal for All Medical Students and Practitioners as now it contains 19 Pre-Cut Incisions along with Blank Area to Create Custom Incisions of Varying Depth, Shape, and Lengths. The 19, Highly Researched Pre-Cut Incisions would cover most of the Basic and Advanced Level Wounds to Practice and Learn best Suture Techniques while the Blank Area gives Flexibility to Create Custom Wounds and practice Independently. This Kit Comes with all the necessary Surgical Tools and 6 International Standard Sutures so you spend more time Practicing and less time preparing. The Suture Pad is Mounted on a very Sturdy Stand which ensures Safe Hand Held Practicing and overall a non-bothering experience by saving you from accidentally pricking Yourself. Like the older models, the Complete Suture Pad mimics Tripple Layer Flesh with Skin, Fat and, Muscle Layer. MediPrakt™ is a rising Brand in the field of Educational Anatomical Models and Suture Traing Solutions. The Brand is aiming to provide only highest Quality & Anatomically Accurate Models to build Accurate Learning and overall a better future to the world.


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      • 19 INCISIONS
      • 6 SUTURES
      • 1 x Complete Suture Practice Pad(With Stand),
      • 3 x Black Braided Silk Sutures,
      • 3 x Polyamide Monofilament Sutures,
      • 1 x Mayo Hegar Needle holder 16cm,
      • 1 x Adson Tissue Forceps 12.5cm,
      • 1 x Curved Kelly Artery Forceps 13cm,
      • 1 x Scissors 12cm,
      • 1 x Scalpel (With Fixed Blade),
      • 1 x Carry Pouch