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    Tracheal Intubation is a relatively difficult operation in the nursing operation. MediPrakt™ Neonatal Intubation Model has the characteristics of lifelike neonatal trachea and other anatomical structures, and can be used for oral and nasal endotracheal intubation training. It is made of imported PVC plastic materials, stainless steel molds, injected by an injection molding machine, and has the characteristics of lifelike image, real operation, and reasonable structure. This product is one of the necessary tools for first aid training and teaching of neonatal tracheal intubation. This model is suitable for students of medical colleges, clinical medical staff, and various on-site emergency personnel training, teaching demonstrations of oral endotracheal intubation technology, and practice operations. The leading product with more perfect shape, more powerful functions and more convenient operation. We will uphold the purpose – to save lives, and here we will show the simulative human endotracheal intubation model. Tracheal intubation is a difficult operation in the nursing operation process. Having a real training scene is the key to mastering airway management techniques.


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      • DURABLE
      • LIFE SIZE
      • High Quality PVC,
      • NON-TOXIC Silicon