• Learning to repair wounds and surgery incisions requires patience, dexterity and lots of practice. MediPrakt™ Dental Suture Practice Model is made of Super High Quality Silicon which is Self Healing and Durable ensuring maximum value for money as it can be practiced on for more than 100 Times. Carefully removed sutures leave behind no marks at all.

    DENTAL SUTURE PRACTICE MODEL | Suture Training Pad for Dentists and Surgeons

    ₹5,000.00 Regular Price
    ₹2,249.00Sale Price
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      • Silicone, PVC Material
      • No batteries Battery
      1. REUSABLE - Can be used over 100 times.,
      2. SELF HEALING - Carefully removed sutures leave no damage on the pads.,
      3. DENTAL - Specially Designed to accurately match the needs of Dental Suture Needs.,
      4. GOOD for DENTISTS - Specially good for dentists and surgeons expertising in Dental Surgeries.,
      5. Made of Hygienic and NON-TOXIC SILICON Material